Sales/Account Management

The different teams within the sales group all work together to grow Worldpay. By partnering with our NCR merchants and Citizens bank branches, we’re able to provide all customers with the best processing options for their needs. From our inside sales team based in Frisco, to our Regional AE’s and National Business Unit, we’ve the ability to cover every market within the US.

"The opportunity to meet with peers and management, exchange ideas and learn from others at the Sales Summit and Sales Managers Meetings is outstanding."

Lynda Orr, Regional Sales Manager, Michigan

Worldpay have given me the best job I’ve ever had. As someone who’s competitive by nature, I thrive on change. And being part of a company that has such big plans for the future of their industry makes it a pleasure to arrive at the office every day. I’m currently working to grow my region and build on my relationship with my team, partners and customers, and I’m already looking forward to the challenges that’ll come with it. That’s because I know I have the unwavering support of an organization that listens to every one of their people and values their ideas equally. I feel like I’m in a position to make a real difference.

"One of the benefits of working at Worldpay is the great trips, like Presidents Club 2013/2014 and the Future Leaders visit to Thailand."

Brennan Peterson, VP of Operations and Enterprise Implementations, Atlanta

Worldpay has given me many amazing opportunities. I started my career as a sole contributor before being recommended to oversee a team of project managers. I was then promoted to Director of National Operations and took on the Client Implementations as well as the National Telesales teams. A year and a half later, we started a new strategic sales team with the initiative to sign and monetize partners. During that transition, I was promoted to VP of Operations and Enterprise Implementations. I took on the implementations of these new partners and now oversee a team of 20 people. Worldpay is continually adapting to changing business and industry needs, and I have enjoyed being a part of that growth.

"I enjoy helping to develop Account Executives  – seeing them change for the better and improve both their careers and their lives."

Ed Cortez, Sales Manager, Atlanta

Worldpay are leading in an industry that’s growing quickly, so being part of that is a privilege. As a Sales Manager, it’s up to me to recruit, train and develop AE’s. These are the teams of tomorrow – the people with the ideas that will shape the future of Worldpay. So it’s an important role and one that I take seriously. One of my career highlights so far has been building an expansion team in a market where no else had previously been successful. Worldpay recognise the hard work and dedication of its employees and reward us in all kinds of ways. For me it’s the remote working that gives me the freedom I need to strike a good work/life balance.