Corporate Strategy Lead

Corporate Strategy Lead

What is the Worldpay story?

Worldpay has merged with Vantiv Inc. to create a new global leader in payments. We are now Worldpay Inc. traded on the NYSE.

Worldpay Inc. is now the #1 Global Acquirer and has the scale, reach and resources to take our success story to another level. The move allows us to expand further into high growth markets, deliver innovation at scale and above all, brings together exceptional talent and a shared passion that will help propel us forward to the next chapter of our collective story.

Our technology enables billions of payments to be made each year whether online or in person. Working with customers large and small we help them to take payments quickly, safely and reliably, allowing them to grow their businesses and making your life more convenient in the process.

Our business is now truly global with corporate headquarters in Cincinati, International headquarters in London plus offices in Singapore, Amsterdam, Denver, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. 

Why is our Team the next step for you?

Going back a few years, payments tended to be covered by a division inside a bank and moved relatively slowly, over the past decade that’s been changing and we expect that to keep happening. Payments right now is fast growing and dynamic.

Right now the challenges, opportunities and options for our business are significant, varied and changing all the time as we navigate:

•The rise of Fintech and technological innovation

•A constantly shifting regulatory environment

•A large scale global shift from cash to electronic payments

•M&A through both industry consolidation and Private Equity activity

•An increasingly connected global economy 

The Corporate Strategy team sits at the heart of this for Worldpay Inc.  You will be helping develop the group strategic plan, supporting our lines of business and functions as required plus monitoring threats and opportunities for the business. 

This is a small (you will be one of three) cross-organisational team working typically with the Executive Committee and Senior Leaders on high profile and impact topics. This will give you an opportunity to gain exposure, build connections and (further down the line) identify options for any future moves. 

As Worldpay is moving into our next chapter, this is a great time to join a successful and rapidly growing company.

How will you add value on a day-to-day basis?

The first thing to say is that every day will be different and the topics you might need to cover could change from week to week and    day to day. The work is a mixture of longer running strategic projects and short term pieces where we might need a plan fast.

You will be adding value by supporting the business priorities and bringing an objective company perspective. Working to develop strategies, options and recommendations for the business to take forward and not being in a “functional” or “line” role will give you the time to step back and think about some of the bigger questions, we face as a business.

What will make you the ideal candidate?

If you think this role sounds like your next move, you should already have a proven track record in delivering complex business solutions and delivering strategic & creative business initiatives.

You’re an excellent listener and analytical thinker and can get the very out of all your stakeholders – you make things happen because you can see the bigger picture.



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London / England

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Marketing and Product

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Permanent- Full-time


April 19, 2018