Corporate Boarding Associate

Corporate Boarding Associate

Why is our “Corporate Boarding Associate” the next step for you?

Our corporate boarding associate is reponsible to  Board all WPT Customers in UK & Ireland and generates the E -MID & E -TID on our in-house software (Billing And Admin Portal).CBA will be responsible for Liaising with Total Boarding Team in procuring missing information about merchants on SFDC (an internal software for communication) and responsible to get the linkage of MID & TID on Merlin.

How will you add value on a day-to-day basis?

The key purpose of the role is Board all WPT Customers in UK & Ireland and generates the E -MID & E -TID on our in-house software (Billing And Admin Portal).

What will make you the ideal candidate?

•    Responsible to handle changeovers of MID, Bank Details, Addresses & POS Provider for all the existing customers along with the Addition of New Card Schemes Amex, Diners etc with the additional functionality viz, P2PE, Cross Tokenization, DCC & Store Manager.

•    Effective preparation of Business Reports, Presentations and Documents for analysis by others and Management.

•    Error Free Boarding of Merchants.

•    Effective preparation of Business Reports, Presentations and Documents.

•    Utilization of Automation to board all the major Strategic Customers which helps to curtail SLA and to deliver the Output in expected timeframe .

•    Provide accurate and timely information to the customer/partners and maintain a proper record of registrations specially in case of corporate merchants.

How is Worldpay changing the world?

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Indore / India

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Fixed term- Full-time


June 26, 2018