Senior Developer - Java, Scala, TDD, Microservices

Senior Developer - Java, Scala, TDD, Microservices

Senior Developer - Java, Scala, TDD, Microservices

Why join us in the Gateway 2.0 team?

If you believe that “if it’s not tested, it’s broken” – quality (as demonstrated by test-driven development, acceptance-test driven development, consumer-driven contract testing, trunk-based development focusing on small frequent changes) truly unites us as a group and is our key enabler for rapid, safe change.

If you believe that ‘favouring composition over inheritance’ means don’t use inheritance - we value our code, we value being able to evolve our products quickly and easily over time. We believe in the SOLID principles, KISS and YAGNI.

If you have to fix a production problem and you reject the notion that “there’s no time for tests”. Technical debt has compound interest in our minds; it destroys the ability to deliver over time. We support and challenge each other to never cut corners.

If you want to work on “stuff that matters” – high profile, mission critical, global product APIs targeting the world’s largest, and most recognisable brands.

If you want to make a difference - we reject the “Ivory Towers”. Our engineers collaborate to define our standards, make our technical decisions and define and refine our tech stacks. We give you the time to do that as well – 1 day dedicated every 2 weeks outside of sprints to align and improve.

If you want to grow the breadth and depth of your knowledge as an engineer – the people and our ways of working is our strength. We invest heavily in that; everyone has a half-day every 2 weeks to spend on their personal development plan. We encourage people to pair and pick up new skills during sprints, we listen to your needs and help find the right conferences or courses for you.

Do you want to come on the journey with us? We aim for perfection because beautiful code excites us and clean architecture make us proud.

How will you add value on a day-to-day basis?

You will be responsible for the continuous software engineering of these business critical services, where reputation management and security are critical to our ongoing success. You will be designing and developing solutions in line with: The needs of a 24/7 service with 5 9’s uptime, product specifications and drivers of business value, Worldpay architectural and design principles, test driven development, team standards and practices e.g. code quality, agile ways of working, technical debt control, and Continuous Delivery of shippable software.

Participating in an on-call rota for investigation and resolution of production system issues is part of the role and you will also be actively contributing to the engineering ‘Chapters’ (practice areas) within and beyond Gateway 2.0.

What will make you the ideal candidate?

You'll demonstrate deep Java knowledge and a passion for developing in a test driven manner; from acceptance testing to unit & integration testing. You will have a strong understanding of RESTful services (and RPC), experience of working in Agile DevOps environments, as well as an appreciation of software architecture and knowledge of industry design patterns. You will have multi-platform technology experience, ideally Java, Scala, JavaScript & SQL; we believe in polyglot approaches, so you’ll be able to develop code in two or more of these languages. You’ll be an advocate of clean code principles and have the ability to interpret engineering requirements using a variety of artefacts, including stories, wireframes and physical, logical, sequence & ERD diagrams where necessary.

Experience working with Scala, Ruby, Python, .Net, iOS and Android is advantageous, as well as knowledge of the following; Spring framework, Akka framework, Cassandra noSQL database, Docker, Angular.JS and Cucumber. You will ideally have extensive experience of working in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and be well versed in engineering software releases for cloud deployment. Experience of cryptography, tokenisation services and other card processing security are ideal, as well as experience of working in a global online business, ideally providing financial trades or transfers; of particular interest are payment companies, merchant providers, financial trading platforms and online gaming experience. Knowledge of PCI Compliance, DDOS prevention, IDS and regulatory audit requirements are a plus, as well as experience of implementing Payment Service Providers as part of a prior role, including the building out of transactional resilience for multi-PSP operations.



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London / England

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Tech and Engineering

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Permanent- Full-time


April 17, 2018