Innovation Analyst

Innovation Analyst

Why is our Innovation team the next step for you?

Biometric payments , mobile and VR terminals are all part of the amazing work that that makes our team want to jump out of bed in the morning  - why not come and be part of a team that spends it’s time on new tech and creating products that  change the way we pay.

Our Technology Innovation team researches, builds and innovates rapidly. This link to our blog will tell you more about some of our latest innovations and products

How will you add value on a day-to-day basis?

As a technologist you will be fanatical about the research and development of new technologies. Our Innovation team act as advocates for our customers, playing an active role in technology standard forums, councils and seminars. Hosting events such as hackathons to help foster innovation and encourage people to apply creative technology to payments.

You'll assess initiatives and business cases for "fit" against the Worldpay strategy. Developing those propositions further including building prototypes to inspire our business leaders.

What will make you the ideal candidate?


As a creative thinker you will relish the opportunity to dream up an idea and then try to make it reality.  To do this you’ll have demonstrable engineering experience across both front & backend (Java, C#, SQL, Python, C, Scala, Android/IOS, Ruby etc..), With the ability to create mockups and prototypes for propositions and use-cases you and the team are working on.


With the communications skills to then delivery and present these into internal and external stakeholders across the business and industry.

How is Worldpay changing the world?

We are leaders in modern money. Each and every time you use your debit card or credit card to pay for something, whether online or face-to-face, there’s a good chance it happened because of us. On an annual basis our innovations, systems and technology enable billions of money transactions globally. Working with customers large and small, we help them to take your payments quickly, safely and reliably, allowing them to grow their businesses and making your life more convenient in the process. As a leader in global fintech and the largest London IPO since 2011, this is a great time to join us in building for the next phase of the Worldpay journey.



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London / England

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Tech and Engineering

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Permanent- Full-time


August 30, 2017