Security Specialist

Security Specialist

Security Specialist

Why is our Cyber Defence team the next step for you?

The role sits within our Cyber Defence team, which is part of Enterprise Security. In this role, you’ll support and manage HSM, Crypto/ Key Management, PKI and Certificate Management. And you will contribute to the support and management of Symantec DCS, SEP and Vormetric’s Data Encryption product.

How will you add value on a day-to-day basis?

You will manage the Symantec Data Centre Security (CSP/DCS) product including policy deployment, policy tuning, development and maintenance, as well as integration into SIEM platform for monitoring and alerting. You’ll monitor and analyse File Integrity Monitoring alerts, manage Symantec Antivirus environments and own the execution of Key Management and PKI related procedures. You will support the configuration and management of Data Encryption technologies in-line with Security policies.

We will want you to help improve and maintain Worldpay’s security posture and assist in Security Incident Response activities.

What will make you the ideal candidate?

You will have experience working within security operations and we will want you to demonstrate knowledge of designing and implementing endpoint security solutions. You’ll have deep knowledge of Windows, Unix/Linux, Networks, Firewalls, IDS monitoring and be able to understand and explain PKI concepts.

We’ll want you to demonstrate strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, and you will have extensive analysis and reporting experience. Experience working with Cryptography/ Key Management, Certificate Management, cryptography and encryption are ideal.

How is Worldpay changing the world?

We are leaders in modern money. Each and every time you use your debit card or credit card to pay for something, whether online or face-to-face, there’s a good chance it happened because of us. On an annual basis our innovations, systems and technology enable billions of money transactions globally. Working with customers large and small, we help them to take your payments quickly, safely and reliably, allowing them to grow their businesses and making your life more convenient in the process. As a leader in global fintech and the largest London IPO since 2011, this is a great time to join us in building for the next phase of the Worldpay journey.



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London / England

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Tech and Engineering

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Permanent- Full-time


August 30, 2017