Worldpay Online Payments


The reason large global e-commerce businesses choose Worldpay is because of our global expertise and unique payment services. However, until now these capabilities were only available to large merchants with dedicated account managers. We now want to make our payments services available through an open, self-service API – Worldpay Online Payments. The primary target segments will be Internet startups, mobile app developers and web agencies building websites for smaller merchants.

The process

It’s simple. Just signup either on a desktop or a mobile device and you’ll be greeted by an easy, user-friendly API. A tutorial will guide you through the service and, once up and running, you’ll benefit from a whole host of reports so that you can track the progress of your business.




Our security solutions are designed from the ground up and we work tirelessly to protect our customers from fraud, using one of the world’s largest risk management engines.



As the market leader for UK payments we work with the largest technology brands including Apple Google and Microsoft to provide their payment solutions.



Usability is the key to everything we produce and we’re obsessed with achieving it. Our goal is to automate as much as possible in order to make our systems work for us.


“Technology is a rapidly moving field and keeping up with the latest tools and techniques can help improve your overall efficiency.”

 Andrew Odendaal, Web Engineer

As a Web Engineer, I was involved from the very beginning of the project. My team and I created the initial website as well as the libraries that customers would use to interact with the service.

One of the biggest challenges was ensuring that what we were creating would still be the best product available by the time we got to launch – technology is such an incredibly fast paced industry. But that just added to the excitement of developing a brand new product for an already established brand.

We’re constantly striving to make what we offer the absolute best option available – there really is never a dull moment.

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