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Worldpay is a technology company to the core. And therefore, technical people and technical skills are highly valued. Working on Platform is as far away from being a ‘back office’ role as you could possibly get. It’s a chance to be involved in both implementing something new and then going on to realise its full business potential over time. So often when you join a company the systems are already there but here is the opportunity to create one, and then go on to manage it. A really unique opportunity for people looking to mould and create something that’s their own.

The 10 second process






A shopper enters a retail outlet to purchase a product and presents their credit card to the merchant.

Once card details have been taken through the terminal, the request is sent for authorisation.

This is where Worldpay as the Acquirer comes in. Once we receive the request, we forward it onto the Card Scheme (VISA, Master Card).

The provider then checks the funds are available with the issuing bank. The bank then returns confirmation.

Finally, the card scheme then returns confirmation to us as the Acquirer and we return confirmation of authorisation to the merchant who then informs the customer that the transaction has been approved. All of this happens in under 10 seconds!


  • Exadata servers
  • Infiniband fabric
  • Solid state storage
  • Active clustering


  • Active-Active
  • Hot failover
  • Resilient within/across
  • High bandwidth links


  • Write-only
  • Encrypted
  • Event-level audit logs
  • Segregated networks


“What’s most interesting and perhaps most challenging is technically making this separation seamless for our customers and merchants. This is a complete enterprise transformation, where there can be no interruptions in the services we provide to our customers, while we phase in the New Acquiring Platform”

Rajesh Nichani - Head of Application Development

As Head of Application Development I lead a Development team of more than hundred technical staff working on the new acquiring platform, ‘Platform’. The New Acquiring platform is going to replace an array of back office and core processing systems. It’s a complete enterprise transformation from the old systems to new systems which will use various cutting edge technologies.

The development challenge is not only to replace RBS systems that have evolved over the years but to transform them to allow Worldpay to meet future demands and complex future technology roadmaps. There are not that many programmes of this scale in Europe at the moment (in fact, there never are at any one time) so, it’s a chance to be part of one of the largest and most significant financial services programme globally.

Every other aspect of the business really now is separated but a substantial part of our system infrastructure is still inside RBS. So we have a huge programme of work - huge meaning … half a billion pounds - to actually replace RBS’ platform with our own to achieve the separation.

This project is vast. It’s as big as the rest of the IT department so it’s a very, very substantial thing and a very interesting, highly complex challenge. It’s doing new things in the market. And that’s why we want a permanent core of people who will own the delivery of the platform and own it going forward. In total (if you count the 3rd parties we outsource some of the work to) we’ve got somewhere between 600 – 800 people working on it at any one time.

“There isn’t any downtime, you can’t make any mistakes, the stakes are really high, you can’t compromise quality, it’s a proper challenge.”

 Rob Hornby  - Chief Separation Officer

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