Data Transformation

About Data Transformation

We thrive on data. It informs every decision we make and every element of advice we offer. And because we value it so highly, in 2015 we created a specialist team who focus solely on maintaining and achieving our ambitions.

Adopting Big Data and Hadoop is one such ambition. With the technology advancing so quickly, our HortonWorks based Hadoop platform will hold half the UK high street transactions securely and support the data deep dives of over 50 analysts and data scientists.

Unlike many of our competitors, we embrace new technologies with a start-up mentality. We believe that the only way to provide our customers with the very best service is to keep ahead of the curve and set the industry standard.

Extracting the right information

There are four core elements to ensuring we get the most from our data.
Each is equally important and reliant upon one another.

Case Study

  • Marketing
  • propensity models and campaign planning
  • Sales
  • cross-sell and upsell
  • Finance
  • FX margin optimisation
  • Local market data
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Consumer spending indices
  • Retry engine
  • Highly effective fraud engine
  • Real-time decision engine
  • Peer analysis and benchmarks
  • Location intelligence
  • store analysis and planning
  • Shopper insights
  • frequency and monetary value 


“Worldpay is a fast-evolving company undergoing significant change in an exciting market.”

Mark O’Brien - Data Transformation Director

Initially, I managed a small Finance team, but my remit soon expanded to include Business Intelligence and Pricing, Customer Analytics and Customer Relationship Management. Having driven analytically based initiatives that resulted in £multi-million improvements to financial performance, I immediately saw areas where we could really bolster the value we derived from data and put my suggestions to the Board. This resulted in an internal reorganisation, and I now lead a 50-strong Data team which brings together data analysts, scientists, architects, technologists and governance experts.

One of our first major tasks was to develop a new Enterprise Data platform for the group, utilising the latest Big Data technologies. We’re working with the leading vendors in this space to develop a robust, secure production-scale Hadoop platform and once again I’m looking to hire top talent. It’s an extremely exciting area to be working in and so far, has been an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved.

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